World AIDS Day 2023 Reusable Shopping Bag

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World AIDS Day 2023 Reusable Shopping Bag

World AIDS Day 2023 Reusable Shopping Bag specially designed for Action for AIDS by our very own Communications Executive, Ben Leong. 

World AIDS Day is commemorated every 1st of December to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS and demonstrate solidarity. This year’s global theme is “Let Communities Lead”, which emphasizes the leadership roles that communities play in HIV advocacy. Within Singapore and beyond, communities involved in HIV services are made up of people from incredibly diverse backgrounds. Individuals from various races, ages, socio-economic backgrounds, gender expressions, sexualities, and other identities unite for the common goal of ending AIDS and HIV-related stigma. For HIV does not discriminate; its impact can be felt across all segments of society. Therefore, facing the epidemic is a communal-led effort in which unity and diversity are imperative.

Why reusable shopping bag?
You play a part in decreasing the resources used on plastic bag production and disposal, and protect the environment from plastic pollution. Reusable shopping bags are more durable and long-lasting than single-use bags, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run. Save plastic, save dollars!

With your support, we can work towards our continuous mission to raise awareness of HIV, lower new HIV transmissions, and eradicate HIV-related stigma & discrimination in Singapore.

Material: Nylon
Colour: White

  • $10.00