Crocheted Red Ribbon

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Crocheted Red Ribbon

The Red Ribbon is a symbol widely recognised as a sign of support and solidarity with people living with HIV. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS, as well as a symbol of awareness, compassion, and hope.

The Red Ribbon holds great significance in raising awareness, showing support, and advocating for action to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic worldwide, and is often worn or displayed during events such as World AIDS Day and HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns to show support for those affected by the disease, to promote education and prevention efforts, and to combat stigma and discrimination.

This year, we have a student from Tanglin Trust School, Isha, who had crocheted for us another version of Red Ribbons. As part of the school curriculum, Isha had picked HIV to be a focus for social service.

To ensure that we incorporate GIPA principles (Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS), our women support group, Unity, has uptake crocheting skills to continue Isha's good effort during their weekly meet up.

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