U = U Lapel Pin

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U = U Lapel Pin


The U = U campaign was launched in early 2016 by a group of people living with HIV, together with global experts to combat HIV stigma with scientific facts. This campaign aims to improve the lives of people living with HIV (PLHIV), bringing us closer to ZERO new infections, ZERO AIDS deaths and ZERO AIDS-related stigma and discrimination by:

  • reducing shame and fear of transmission, opening up possibilities for conceiving children without alternative means of contraception
  • dismantling HIV stigma on community, clinical and personal level
  • encouraging PLHIV to start and stay on treatment
  • strengthening advocacy efforts for universal access to treatment, care and diagnostic to save lives and bring us closer to the end of the epidemic

HIV Treatment as Prevention (TASP) is a highly effective strategy to prevent the transmission of HIV. PLHIV who take HIV medication daily as prescribed to maintain an undetectable viral load have effectively NO RISK of transmitting HIV to others.

What does U=U mean for PLHIV?
This means that PLHIV can engage in intimacy, physical love, and even start a family. PLHIV can live long, healthy lives with no chance of passing on the virus to others if they are on appropriate treatment.

What does U=U mean for people without HIV?
Understanding that PLHIV do not pose a risk of cantagion or infection.

With your support, we can work towards our continuous mission to raise awareness of HIV, lower new HIV transmissions, and eradicate HIV-related stigma & discrimination in Singapore.

Pin type: Soft enamel, silver metal, and metal backing

  • $10.00